Sielox, LLC


Healthcare organizations such as hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, healthcare groups and pharmaceutical companies all are concerned with protecting patients’ privacy, medical records and protecting controlled substances within healthcare or pharma facilities. In the healthcare sector where HIPPA compliance has become a top priority, Sielox is a trusted source for providing reliable access control and video surveillance solutions that support organizations’ practices in adherence to compliance standards. Sielox has an extensive range of products to provide a comprehensive facilities management solution for the prevention of unauthorized access to restricted areas or unsanctioned usage of private information.

As healthcare companies are under increasing pressure to comply, it has become necessary to have reporting capabilities tied to events. In addition to its access control solutions, Sielox has recently introduced Pinnacle-Argos, the integration of its access control solution with its video surveillance systems for visual verification tied to the reported access control events. With a comprehensive portfolio of security products that includes ID cards and biometric technology, Sielox can meet the high-level authentication requirements of the healthcare sector.