Sielox, LLC

Video Surveillance

Sielox LLC offers innovative video and imaging technology products that help customers to best meet their security and surveillance needs.  Through its relationship with Costar Video Systems, Sielox offers an extensive product line including cameras, monitors, camera housings, power supplies, high-speed domes, controllers, and analog and digital video recorders. The video imaging hardware, software, and accessories offer the uncompromising quality, reliability and flexibility you expect from Sielox, at a cost that is highly competitive.

Pinnacle Argos Video, a web based application that integrates Pinnacle events to CCTV devices utilizing the Costar line of DVRs and NVRs, is available with all Pinnacle Installations. Sielox Pinnacle™ Access Control System with Argos Video Interface, provides the first 32 Camera licenses for free with no recurring driver or camera license fees.

Event Video Link is a feature in Pinnacle Access Control Systems that links to any DVR or NVR, that supports the industry ATM/POS standard, enabling the ability to link access control events to video for pop ups, viewing and real-time recording. This feature also allows user to mark video events with alarm text-data for legal forensic requirements.

Sielox Pinnacle™ also integrates with Kaplogic Aegis3 PSIM (Physical Security Information Management software), a graphical command and control software package which supports multiple workstations. Users have the ability to add cameras, intercoms, doors, readers, inputs/outputs to a graphical map, then control them with the click of a mouse. Aegis3 integrates with most major CCTV and DVR manufacturers.

Sielox AnyWare™ Browser Based Access Control and Sielox Class™ - Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System can connect to any IP camera on an alarm event to display live video. This integration to cameras also comes free of any recurring license and driver fees. If the user has access to the IP address of the cameras set up at their location, they can integrate those cameras with Anyware or Class.