Sielox, LLC

Sielox AnyWare

Sielox AnyWare™ is a new browser-based access control solution that allows authorized individuals the ability to manage their doors and alarm points from anywhere at any time via a variety of networked devices including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. 


Sielox AnWare™ supports up to 40 doors and 25,000 cardholders
as well as retains one million system events due to our robust event
filtering for system reports. AnyWare™ is a simple and scalable
access control monitoring and event management for small to
mid-sized businesses. Authorized individuals can manage their
doors and alarm points from virtually any location via LAN, WAN,
WIFI, and high speed cell phone connections. With preinstalled
software, it is a plug and play browser-based solution that utilizes
an IT friendly network appliance that is ready to configure in
a matter of minutes. Sielox AnyWare™ provides a cost-effective,
easy-to-use, proven security foundation.