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Pinnacle Access Control and Event Management Software with the most advanced AC- 1700 Controller in the market integrates with the industry leading SALLIS Wireless Locks for a cost effective installation. SALLIS is a new technology that enables users to expand their existing Pinnacle system to become a much more powerful solution. Installation made simple because of the broad range of SALLIS Wireless Lock choices for almost any type of door (narrow profile, aluminium, heavy duty, panic bars, glass, etc.). Control doors or openings you never dreamed of controlling before because they were too costly, difficult to wire, or impossible to drill. Maintain your high security standards because SALLIS does not use WI-FI but utilizes wireless communications at 2.4 gHz based on IEEE 802.15.4 with AES 128 encryption. Keep your current card credential and expand to wireless locks that support the latest RFID technologies such as HID iClass CSN, Mifare, Mifare Plus, DESFire, DESFire EV1, PROX 125 kHz or Near Field Communications (NFC).

Other Features include:
·     Audit Trail
·     Remote Battery Status
 ·   Control maintained in off line state
 ·   Flexible Reporting
 ·    Lockdown - Block - Unlock capabilities

Now any entry door, room, or storage area can be connected to Pinnacle providing real time event management, alarm pop-up, email notification, operator actions, audit trail, link to video, and elimination of keys – just to name a few. Even when the server is offline, access control is not compromised because full control and operation is maintained at the lock through the Sielox AC-1700 controller. SALLIS is a cost effective technology that incorporates the Lock, Request to Exit, Door Status Switch, and Reader in one complete package dramatically reducing the installation costs compared to traditional hard-wired doors. Install one device rather than four and recognize significant savings in time and material with an average per-door installation time of less than 1 hour.

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