Sielox, LLC


The Mirage® series of readers are RF-based to provide the maximum read range available, with the ability to accommodate any application. Mirage readers can withstand the harshest conditions to deliver the ultimate in reliable reads. The Mirage series employs cutting edge technology to ensure the most secure perimeters.

The Mirage series includes two reader classes:
The Mirage II can be mounted behind concrete, drywall or glass for to be concealed from view without jeopardizing the high-level security it provides.
The Mirage SG proximity readers and cards have been designed to meet rigorous standards and can be deployed in any environment, including metallic surfaces.

Key features of the Mirage Readers include:

  • Maximum read ranges - up to 8 inches
  • Enhanced visual verification of access status
  • Compact, tamper-proof design
  • Moisture- and temperature-resistant
  • Compatible with any Sielox access control system