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Sielox is a listed vendor with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). GSA is a government agency that provides Federal Government agencies with contract administration and purchasing support. This contract is a basic ordering agreement made on behalf of all Federal Government agencies, with contractors, for goods and services with prenegotiated pricing, terms and conditions. As a Sielox Business Partner, you are encouraged to participate in this program. If you are interested, contact your Regional Sales Manager by following the link posted below.

In the government sector where clearance and compliance are top priorities, Sielox provides access control solutions that meet all standards and prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas or unsanctioned usage of sensitive assets. For a market whose security issues range from protecting classified intelligence to protecting against the threat of terrorism, the need for infallible access control is evident.

With a product portfolio that includes ID cards and biometric technology, Sielox can provide the multi-factor authentication that government agencies require. All Sielox adhere to the highest standards of quality to meet applicable regulations and confidently control critical security initiatives.

Sielox Sales Contacts

Sielox is a listed vendor with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) and PEPPM which can be used for State, County and Municipal Government purchasing.