Sielox, LLC

Cameras & Recorders

Sielox offers Costar Video Systems line of cameras and recorders, which provide superior video surveillance quality. The Costar product portfolio consists of DVRs, NVRs, IP Cameras, Analog Cameras, and HD over Coax cameras to upgrade existing installations.

Costar video recorder solutions can scale to meet the needs of any customer. From small four channel solutions to enterprise wide video solutions. Storage can be customized to fit any job, and can be extended if needed. Costar's new Edgelink Technology is included in all of Costar's recorders, allowing for the convergence of analog and network camera video streams to be monitored and viewed on the same screen. This technology allows users to continue using analog cameras and begin to upgrade to network cameras in the future.

Costar analog cameras provide solutions for any professional indoor or outdoor video surveillance application. Cameras offered include dome, bullet, box, PTZ and specialty cameras. These analog cameras perform across a variety of lighting and motion conditions with features such as low light technology, Back Light Compensation or Wide Dynamic Range.

Network Camera solutions are also available in dome, box, bullet, PTZ and other specialty camera housings. These network cameras use megapixel technology to provide higher resolution video with more inage detail and have the ability to be powered over the network with Power over Ethernet (POE). Costar's network cameras are available in a wire variety of configurations

Click Here to download the Costar Video Product Catalog.