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Pinnacle / AC 1700 Controller
AnyWare / Class Crisis Management / AC 1700 Controller

Sielox invites technicians, installers, project managers and even

sales reps from us Business Partners to complete our Product Training

courses. With the continued release of new features for Pinnacle, 1700 Controller,

AnyWare and Sielox Class, you will want to experience hands-on

exercises to keep you current with the latest from Sielox.

Everything you would touch in the field is offered in our updated

courses including: installing software, wiring controllers with readers,

inputs and outputs, updating firmware and software, back-up

and restore and more. All participants will be tested at the completion

of the course to receive Sielox Business Partner Technician Certification.

All course materials, equipment and lunch are included in course fee.



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