Sielox, LLC


By partnering with companies pioneering the latest innovations in biometrics, Sielox offers a variety of biometric solutions for both stand-alone applications and use with other access control devices, including keypads, magnetic card readers and proximity cards. Experience a more secure identification system with your access control program.

All markets can now choose the ultimate in access control with Sielox’s Pinnacle Software Suite and Integrated Biometrics’ new standard in fingerprint biometrics, the TRU series.

This partnership eliminates the clunky and inconvenient legacy configuration of dual applications and administrative functions by providing single point of entry for database management along with the most secure biometric in one location, the Pinnacle Platform.


  • Single Platform Database Management
  • Long Time Leader In Access Control Solutions
  • New standard performance biometric solution = performance
  • Service and Tech Support from designers and manufacturers
  • 3 Year Hardware Warranty