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Pinnacle Aegis3
Pinnacle Aegis3

Aegis3, Sielox’s latest innovation in graphical command and control integration software, was designed to extend the versatility of the Pinnacle software suite. Aegis3 can be installed on the same computer with Pinnacle or separately and can support multiple workstations.

Easy-to-use Aegis3 can be utilized to create maps from existing AutoCAD, JPEG, BMP, and many other file formats. Users may choose to drag/drop cameras, intercoms, doors, readers inputs/outputs to a map and control them with a mouse click. Additionally, events may have video pop-ups on screen and DVR recording. Aegis3 integrates with most of the major CCTV, DVR, intercom and serial alarm devices.

For more information on the Pinnacle – Aegis2 Video and Intercom Interfaces, download the Aegis 2 Data Sheets: