Sielox, LLC

About Us
More than 40 years of innovative security management solutions

Sielox is proud of its rich history of innovation in the security products industry. We began in 1979 as Sielox Systems based in Sunnyvale CA. Founded by technology legend France Rode, an engineer and inventor best known for his work on the HP-35 pocket calculator as one of the four lead engineers at Hewlett-Packard assigned to the project. Rode also invented and created the first workable RFID products: workplace entry cards, for which he holds several patents including 4,727,369 for Electronic lock and key system and RFID-based Security products.

In December 2010 the company was purchased by investors creating a private company. From its Silicon Valley beginnings through today, Sielox is essentially a 35 year old "startup," creating and enhancing products and applications for end-users through value-added Business Partners.

The Sielox Core Products line is designed by Sielox engineers and manufactured in the USA. Sielox Pinnacle software and the 1700 controller have been developed to meet or exceed any user requirement from entry level to enterprise-wide systems. The marriage of advanced management software with controller from a single vendor has been a proven technology and application success since 1979. Built upon the Sielox access control innovation legacy of more than 35 years, Pinnacle 10 is a system design with multiple layers of scalable control and the 1700 controller is unmatched in capabilities and serviceability. With more than 250,000 controllers and tens of thousands of access control software systems installed since our start in Silicon Valley, Sielox continues to lead the industry with customer centric solutions, sales and technical support.

Innovation at Sielox continued in 2013 with the release of Sielox Class - Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System. Sielox Class was the recipient of both Security Products Magazine and Government Security News New Crisis Management Product of the Year for 2013. Class provides critical situational awareness benefits to First Responders with real-time status updates to aid in response and deployment.

First Responders no longer walk blindly into harm's way with the knowledge obtained from the Sielox Class System and provides for timely accurate decisions. Individuals send color-coded alerts to administrators and first responders through networked devices and law enforcement and first responders view dynamic floor plans in real-time, with accurate updates automatically displayed on their mobile phone, tablet or patrol car laptop.

Features include email and text alerts to authorities and responders, two-way chat between rooms and responders and integration to paging and mass notification systems via the Sielox 1700 outputs to trigger pre-programmed announcements and messages.

Sielox AnyWare is our plug-and-play, browser-based access control solution affordable to small and mid-sized organizations. In today's world, you need to control and manage your security requirements from your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

AnyWare allows you to easily deploy, manage and expand your access control requirements on the fly. Available in an eight-door configuration, AnyWare 8 can manage the majority of access control applications with less than eight doors and will soon be expandable to forty doors at a price point that makes sense. Using an IT-friendly network appliance, AnyWare is ready to configure in a matter of minutes.

Sielox provides integrated and complementary products and services from industry leading and innovative suppliers of cards, readers, cameras, recorders, visitor management and more. The integration of Allegion Schlage wireless locks provides a cost-effective solution to control and lockdown all doors within a facility. These are all part of the Sielox Security Layers complete solutions for a variety of applications.

Since 1979, Sielox has designed and engineered innovative security management systems including Pinnacle® Advanced Access Control, 1700 Intelligent Controller with lockdown and serviceability, Sielox AnyWare™ Fast & Easy access control and the award-winning Sielox Class™ Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System. Our select business partners integrate scalable Sielox and OEM solutions for commercial, education, financial, government, utilities, retail and healthcare markets. Sielox provides intuitive “Made in USA” solutions that exceed today’s complex and demanding security environments.